David Roop, He and Me's Art Collector

Greenville has it’s very own “most interesting man”. Meet David Roop, owner and founder of local salon He & Me. Originally from Detroit, David moved to Greenville when he was nineteen. Over the years he has become a staple of the community, he was even Mayor Knox’s barber of choice. Besides cutting hair, David developed an incredible passion for collecting art. His salon became an outlet to display the impressive collection that he had acquired, creating a wholly unique experience for his customers.

Life took at turn for David two years ago when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. This put an end to his collecting and haircutting. Miraculously, here at the end of 2016, David is going strong and the cancer is in complete submission. Now he is regularly hosting private art shows and is slowly selling his collection.

Exclusive Photography: FishEye Studios, Greenville, SC

Eddy Miranda