Rocky Bottom Mushrooms LLC

Meet Daniel, Lee Anne, and Ike, the brains behind propagating the most delicious mushrooms in the Upstate. What’s their secret? Ike, the Mighty Mycologist. Originally from Transylvania (no, not the county), Ike has brought over the Rumanian methods of growing mushrooms. This method recreates the outdoors in an indoor environment controlling moisture and temperature with gentle breezes. Lee Anne describes it as “part science and part farm. It’s like a science experiment.” Take notes, class.

Exclusive Photography: FishEye Studios, Greenville, SC 

Daniel and Lee Anne have been organic farmers for 15 years and have two wonderful kids, Max and Gabby.
Although they will not disclose the secret location of the mushroom farm, you can find them at the Traveler’s Rest farmers market or order online at  

Writer: Lianne LaVoy

Lianne LaVoy