Birds Fly South Ale Project

During the winter months, the cold and snow makes food scarce for the birds. They migrate south in order to survive, live, and find a home. 
Lindsay and Shawn Johnson, along with their three sons, have done their time in the cold. A veteran of the US Coast Guard and originally from North Carolina, Shawn was stationed for five years in Kodiak Island, Alaska. They found warmth as they spent some time in Florida, Lindsay’s home state, and also lived in Washington DC during the snowstorm of 2010. “Winter is overrated,” mused Shawn on a visit back to Alaska after they had moved from there.  Shawn was transferred by the Coast Guard to the Donaldson Center in 2014. Lindsay and Shawn fell in love with Greenville and they began to create their Ale Project. The birds had flown south for the winter and the foreseeable future. At the same time, they also gained a name for their venture. 

Exclusive Photography: FishEye Studios, Greenville, SC